Apr. 21st, 2013 07:59 pm
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I have a job!

Starting on the 29th, I will be a project officer with the Geography Teachers' Association of Victoria. I'll be presenting professional development for teachers across the state about the Global Education Program.

I've had what - a dozen interviews and applied for probably hundreds of positions. I'm glad I was able to land a position that suits my talents and skills, eventually. Not a moment too soon either. I was getting a little bit of causal work at the Library, but not nearly enough. Tanya has been pretty stressed being the main breadwinner.

I was feeling pretty good about this one going in. It's very similar to the work I was doing at the State Library, which involved a lot of teacher professional development, in person and online. As it happens, I also know the president of GTAV - she teaches at the school I used to work at, and I'd gotten to know her pretty well. First time I've gotten a hug from a member of the interview panel! The interview went really well. Any concern I had that I might have only gotten that far by knowing the president evaporated pretty quickly.

They called my referees the day after the interview, and let me know the day after that.

It's a 0.8 time fraction job (equivalent of four days a week), but it's at a higher pay rate than the Library, so I'm barely losing out money-wise. The only downsides are it's a fair drive form home, and the four days' work is spread over five days. Oh well. I will miss working in the CBD though. No more lunchtime comic shop visits for me.

Look! It's real!

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