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I drove back from Horsham via Ballarat, and did another teacher presentation there on my way through.

Pretty disappointed in the turnout there - I had three. Sigh. Didn't even get the regional rep who'd organised it for me! Nobody knew where she was, she'd just taken off from the office. Ah well.

I've always liked Ballarat. It's only a bit over an hour from Melbourne, and acerbicmuffin and I have always said if we HAD to live somewhere outside of the city, it'd be there.

A few more pics - including an AMAZING SIGHT that can be seen on the highway:

So driving back from Horsham takes you through the Grampians. The road goes from the very open expanse in the photos last time to something more like this:

The bush closes in, and the land gets quite hilly (not in this shot, obviously!)

At a town called Dadswell's Bridge the traveller is met with one of the most amazing sights of the Australian bush:

Yyyyep. The Giant Koala. It is pretty big!

Sadly, the best bit doesn't show up in the photos. Its eyes glow red. I don't know why. Doesn't really happen with real koalas, or not so I've noticed.

Then, on to Ballarat! Pretty place: another town that got really, really rich during the gold rush. Don't judge the town by these, I didn't get many good shots:


On the way back from Ballarat to Melbourne, you pass several major wind farms:

See 'em? Computer! Enhance!

Next time - Mildura!
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